Milsoms Kesgrave Hall Wedding | Bia and James

Bia and James’ wedding at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall in Ipswich, UK, was a blast. A hoot. A non-stop stream of goodness. And I don’t just mean for them; I mean for me. I loved the absolute crap out of this wedding!

I loved being there to see Bia getting her hair and make-up done with three generations of her Brazilian family. 

I loved watching James and his mates cracking jokes, drinking from hip flasks and smashing bacon butties with his Greek family. 

I loved Bia’s and James’ mums laughing and taking selfies together, even though they could barely say a word in the other one’s language. 

I loved the look on Bia’s dad’s face the first time he saw her in her dress. 

I loved Bia’s dress. 

I loved Milsoms Kesgrave Hall and their master wedding planner, Gwenny. 

I loved the epic posse of bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

I loved the look on James’ face as he watched his bride-to-be walk down the aisle. 

I loved the smile that burst across on Bia’s face every time she looked at James. 

I loved cocktail hour in the garden. 

I loved the weather. 

I loved Craig Tiley. 

I loved the mix of ages, nationalities and personalities at the dinner tables. 

I loved (and I mean fucking LOVED) the speeches. 

I loved sneaking out for a sunset couple shoot.  

I loved the spotlight and the smoke machine during the first dance. 

I loved the starlight canopy in ‘The Hangar’. 

I loved Tim taking over the decks and rocking the dance floor.

I loved that Greek song that gets everyone dancing. 

I loved Ross. 

I loved that once the party was well and truly underway, Bia and James ordered me to put down my camera, get a beer and hit the dance floor with them!

I loved that after I put my camera away, there was still so much awesome shit going on that I couldn’t help but get it back out. 

I loved everything about this wedding. And I love everything about Bia and James. You guys are made of all the right stuff. Keep living the dream and loving the ride!


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