Bren & Angy

Wedding | Sunshine Coast, Australia

Bren & Angy | Sunshine Coast Wedding

Now, this was a special one…

You see, Bren is my little brother… and my best mate. He’s the person that knows me as well as anyone else. The person that I’ve shared more experiences with than anyone else. And the person that I love and respect as much as anyone else. And, on a typically perfect day on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Bren became the fourth and final ‘Brown Boy’ to tie the knot with the girl of his dreams.

That girl of his dreams is Angy. Like my own wife, Maria, she’s from Málaga in the south of Spain. She comes from a family of ten brothers and sisters and she has a heart the size of a mountain. She is kind and loving and genuine, and as Bren loves to tell her, she is “absolutely beautiful… on the outside, but especially on the inside… but especially on the outside… but especially on the inside.”

When Bren and Angy first called us up to let us know that they were getting married, we were so friggin’ excited. Maria and I had been there when they first laid eyes on each other in a small bar in Málaga almost five years earlier and we had seen them jump every hurdle and pass every test that had been put in front of them in order to be together. Being able to share their wedding day with them would be the perfect way to celebrate their incredible story.

The day itself could not have been more ‘them’. It was relaxed, it was was fun, it was intimate, it was hand-made. And it was filled with as many of their favourite people in the world that they could get together in one place at one time.

Although most of Angy’s family couldn’t make the trip from the other side of the world for the occasion, her sister Bea was there to represent the dozens of other sisters, brothers, parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and in-laws that would have loved so much to share the day with them. On Bren’s side, this wedding became the perfect reason to get our entire family – Mum, Dad, all four brothers, all four partners and all four babies/toddlers/cousins – together for the first time… ever.

One of those four cousins was Bren and Angy’s beautiful little boy, Sunny. At just under 10 months old on the wedding day, I think it’s fair to say that the kid stole the show. From watching his mamá getting ready in the morning to delivering the rings during the ceremony and then sleeping in his dad’s arms while he gave a speech towards the end of the night, Sunny is everything that’s right and good about Bren and Angy. They’re lucky to call him their son, and he’s damn lucky to have them as the people who will guide him through the inevitable ups and downs that will come his way throughout the rest of his life.

I could write another 50 paragraphs on why this wedding was so amazing. From the clifftop ceremony during the day to the  hand-made, fairytale sanctuary that Bren and Angy worked so hard to create in the evening, every bit of this wedding was absolutely perfect. I’ll leave the below images to tell the rest of the story of Bren and Angy’s wedding and to remind us all of what an unforgettable day we all shared together.

Bren, Angy and Sunny, thank you for being everything that you are for those of us who are lucky enough to call you our family and our friends.

We love you.

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