So, here’s the deal…

I don’t like it when people try to pull crafty sales techniques on me, so I don’t try to pull them on anyone else.

I’ve got one package. Full stop.

It costs $2,750.

It’s called the ‘Everything-I’ve-Got‘ package, and it includes me working for an unlimited number of hours on your wedding day. It then includes me going home and working for another unlimited number of hours to turn your photos into the sorts of images that you see here on my website.

I take both of these jobs seriously. And I do them as if I were shooting and editing my own wedding photos, because that’s how important your wedding is to you. And because I want you to bloody LOVE your photos! 

So, what do you actually get for $2,750?

Unlimited Coverage

Yep, that means unlimited. I’ll be there from bride prep in the morning all the way through to the crazy dance moves that you and your mates will be pulling late into the night! My motto is: if there’s some story left to tell, I’m not going home yet.

400+ High-Res Images

The final number of images you’ll receive depends on lots of things (how long your wedding goes for, how crazy your party gets, etc.) but you can expect to receive at least 400 photos that will capture the ‘feel’ of your wedding day from start to finish. 

Share and Print

Share your photos wherever you like and, for God’s sake, print those bad boys out! You’re welcome do this wherever you like – just promise me you won’t spend several thousand bucks on a photographer and then get 10¢ prints from K-Mart!

Private Online Gallery

A password-protected online gallery of all of your images in both high-resolution and web-ready sizes, ready for you to download, print and share until your heart’s content.

Wooden USB

All of your images will also be delivered to you in a beautiful USB box for you to store, save and back up. Honestly, if you only ever back up one thing, make it your wedding photos!

Highlights Slideshow

An online video set to music with a hand-picked selection of the most amazing images from your wedding day. Best keep the tissues close by for this one! 

Couple Session

Get comfortable in front of the lens before the big day so that you can forget about me being there with my camera and just get on with having the time of your life. 

Pre-Wedding Chats

As many phone calls, Skype chats, texts messages, emails or coffee catch-ups as you need in the lead up to the day. I’m never more than a quick phone call away.

Travel Costs

All travel and accommodation expenses are covered in South-East Queensland. For all other locations, please get in touch to discuss any additional travel expenses.

Life belongs in print

What good is having a bunch of incredible wedding photos if all you’re going to do is share them on social media for 10 minutes and then leave them on a hard drive for the rest of your life? 

Seriously, get your photos out of the cloud and into your home.

Whether it’s a beautiful, handmade album, a stunning piece of wall art, or some simple 6 x 4s to stick on your fridge, the moments and memories that your photos hold should be part of your lives every day.  

If you don’t know where to start with turning all those megapixels into actual products that you can hold and feel, I’m always here to help. I work with professional photo labs and album designers to deliver products that will last a lifetime and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Once you’ve got your photos, give me a shout if you’d like to have a chat about products, prices or design options for any of your printed goodness!   

Ready for the next step?


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